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On Angel's Wings




   The light was glaring white it did not even hurt my eyes. It had a large spread and I could see toward everywhere. Pictures flashed into my mind and I could hear a quiet and inarticulate whisper. I tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t. I did not really see the atmosphere surrounding me, I rather felt it. The whisper was becoming stronger while the snatches meaningful.
“No…not yet…” the voice came from every direction. “Time has not come to…”

“Rick! Rick, can you hear me?”
   The woman’s voice was so far. My mind did not really want to understand the meaning of the words. Some kinds of intent and burning smell hit my nose. Pain shot into my head and I felt sick. I moved my fingers to feel whether they could work.
“Rick! Wake up, Rick!”. The voice was not familiar to me. “Are you OK? I can’t move…my God…”
   I turned to the choking voice. A woman with short blond hair was looking at me, whose head was listing strangely sidelong.
   (Where am I? What is happening to me?)
   Some minutes had passed when I came to my mind. I can already remember. The sports car was coming face to us in our lane….I pulled aside the wheel.
“Rick! Say something!”. The woman started to whimper.
   (Who is this next to me? And why are we being turned upside down?)
   The safety belt was deeply hurting my shoulder. I reached to unwear it but I did not manage to do. It was impossible to pull it out. I put my hand up over my head and I pushed myself away from the top. I had managed to switch off the belt by the third try. It was hard to move inside the car as the twisted wheel hampered me, but I had to try it to crawl out from the car. The burning smell was bit by bit stronger. Perhaps the cables were melting. Pale smog was filling the cabin. I wriggled out from the side window, however, the car-body had been crushed and only a small place had left for this manoeuvre. Sliding on the wet grass I stood up and eyed the car up and down.
   (How could we survive this?)
   I went around the wreck and lied down next to the window.
“Do not worry, madam! I will immediately help you!” and I tried to wrap out the door – with less success.
“Help me, Rick…I can’t move my leg…and my arm…”
   (Who is this Rick?)
   I was trying to open the door until it opened. I climbed to the woman and I let her free from the belt which had broken her shoulder. It could be seen. While I was holding her head to free her shoulder from its weight, she broke out in a painful cry. I was pulling her toward me and I saw her crippled body falling down the broken windscreen.
   (Is she going to die?)
   She was breathing strangely and just glaring ahead.
“ I going to die?” whispered languidly.
“No ….it is not you time…” answered a voice in my mind.
“No” said loudly “you are not going to die.”
   I looked around the road but I did not see any cars coming.
   (I must get help, but how?)
“Help is coming” said the voice.
“Help is soon here” I looked et the woman whose face was full of blood. I tore a piece from my shirt and started to mop her forehead. She had beautiful blue eyes but there was fear in her look. I smiled at her and pet her head.
“Don’t be afraid, everything will be all right.”
“Rick…I love you…” said quietly.
“Who is this Rick?” I asked with misunderstanding.
“Rick, what has happened to you?”
   (Why is she calling me Rick?)
   Her eyes became larger and tried to look straight at me.
“Rick, are you OK?” she asked stunned. “Haven’t you injured?”
“No, I haven’t.” I answered. “And what is your name?”
“Rick, don’t you recognize me? My name is Katie…Why isn’t anybody here then?”
   She turned her head aside and started to cry. I put my hand on her forehead and comforted her tenderly.
“Don’t be afraid, the ambulance will be just here. Can you tell me where it hurts?” I held her hand. “Grab my hand…”
“I can’t” she slid her head slowly. “I can’t.”
“But you can. Look into my eyes!”
   Katie looked at me. I was sitting in the wet grass with her head on my lap. I started to smile while one of my hands is lying on her forehead, and the other holding her head. I felt warmth in my veins. Something strange tingle ran through my body. I had never felt the same before. I had a feeling of being everywhere at the same time. I only wanted to be there and take care of Katie. I closed my eyes and I saw the huge whiteness again but inside of me. Something was breezing deep in me which made my stomach shaken. I felt myself strong and I wanted that somebody -Katie to be happy with life. When I opened my eyes, she was smiling. She started to grab my hand smoothly.
“Rick, what are you doing with me? I can feel my hand. And my leg, too ….and I can feel pain in my ankle.” I looked down at her ankle and it was no surprise to be felt pain as it had turned inside out.
   (I don’t know what I am doing. And I don’t know how I am doing. I just don’t want her to die.)
   A white car slowed down on the road. It stopped and a short old man arrived with it. After he got out, he walked to us quickly.
“Can I help you, son?” he asked.
“We need an ambulance” I said. “But immediately.”
“There is a hospital in the town from about 5 km away. I’ll go and call them.”
   He did not even wait for my ‘Thank you’, he ran back to his car. After he drove away, I looked at Katie. Her eyes were closed, she was taking a breath slowly but she was alive. I did not want anything else but her to survive this accident.
   (Why haven’t I injured? And why can I remember almost nothing?)

   Thirty minutes had passed when I heard the sound of the ambulance. It stopped next to us. A doctor and a nurse jumped out from it. They ran to us and suddenly she started to help Katie. I put her head smoothly into the grass and stepped back. I didn’t need them; just let them help the woman. The sheriff and the policeman was looking around the wreck. The medicals examined Katie and laid her in the stretcher, while she was glaring around scared.
“Don’t move, madam. You have injured your back. You are lucky not to become lame down from you neck.”
   Katie did not understand it. She could not even move when Rick was pulling her out from the wreck. But he had done something with her. Before the medicals pushed her into the ambulance, she started to shout.
“Rick…!Rick…!Where is Rick?”
   She turned to the wreck with fear from behind the ambulance. “Call Rick! Where are you, darling?”
   The sheriff stepped to the stretcher. “Tell me, madam. Have you travelled by that car?”
“Yes, I have” answered Katie anxiously.
“Do you know the man who has driven the car?”
“What do you mean? I know him…he is my fiancé, Rick. Get him here!”
“How have you got out from that car?” the sheriff puckered his brows.
“Rick has pulled me out of it as I can’t move. Please, get him here…” said Katie with tears.
   The sheriff looked at her with sorrow.
“Madam, you fiancé can’t come here because ...errrm… he has not survived the accident.”
   Katie did not understand it as Rick had helped her, held her hand and they together had been waiting for the ambulance. She had been lying on his lap and she wanted to stay there forever. He could not have died. Rick had engaged her. They were going to marry in the summer.
“Where are you, Rick?” she whispered. She felt that something drug released her shock, she became calm and sleepy.

   I was standing next to the wreck and I was watching the sheriff as he was walking back to his car.
“What is the situation like, John?” he asked.
“Nothing special, sir. There is another ugly accident again. The man could not have survived, anyway. The wheel had almost run through his chest. But there is something I don’t understand. How could the woman get out from the car? And how could she survive?”
   While they were discussing the circumstances, I felt a strange release. I elevated from the ground but just a little.
“We need to leave now, my son.” I heard the voice in my mind.
“You’ve said that it was not time to leave.” I replied while elevating more and more.
“You have got time to save her life and talent to help her. It is not her time yet. I am sorry but she can’t come with you.”
   I could see the policemen walking round the wreck from the sky. I could see how the cars stopped and people were got out from while glaring at. I could see how Katie was pushed into the ambulance. I collected all of my strength and expanded my senses. I touched her face and smiled at her.
   Katie opened her eyes.
“Rick …” she said quietly and as she had seen an incredible dream, she fell asleep. I was looking at her for some moments. And I felt an inconceivable power which was pulling me away from her. I tried to fight against but I couldn’t. I wanted to stay and be with her…touch her again and again. I wanted to live more….just a little more!
   (I can’t stay. Now I know who you are, Katie…and I also know who I am…
   Don’t be afraid, you are watched by them…

   I went toward the sky. The space quickly started to become larger. Millions of shimmers ran through me. I turned to the light and let myself elevated on angels’ wings to the top.